Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scrap Around the World - July Challenge

Mood Board: I always see colours first, so this mood board spoke to me of monochromatic and white. The rest of the board is just so romantic. The drapes, chandelier, heart, flowers and antique frame, just begs for a wedding photo.

It is sad to say but the events leading up to my wedding day, did not lead to happy memories of the day.  A lot of it is not worth going into but I would easily say by the end of it all the tears I shed were not tears of joy. I love this photo of me though,  so young, 19 years old, and looking like a romantic bride. Any young girls dream. I love the beautiful veil that my eldest sister Susan lent me, and the head band that I finished making only hours before I had to wear it. My husband and I were married in a beautiful park area in the hills outside of Perth.

I have used paper with doilies embossed on the brackground, flowers and butterflies that match, and if you look closely on the left side of the photo is tulle made into a heart, pearls throughout, and stenciled background in some areas. There is also a small key and lock in antique white just like the frame in the mood board.

A special thanks goes to my darling sister Susan who has built this blog for me to use.

Thank you for looking.